*RAWR!.. ohh myy!?:]

im Justine. 21.
camp lejeune
half of my is a US Marine
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taken by mr. Jerome R. Alarcon Jr.
my MR. BEARY ♥
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"There will never be a day better than our first meeting. I love you Justine. My wife. I’ll make you proud. I promise."


My Mr. Beary Jerome

11:12PM 10/22/11

[the night before he left for bootcamp]

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day 5.

not even close to January :(

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Now that I’m not on the phone majority of the time with Beary.. 

I realize how lonely I am. I don’t have real  friends. Nobody talks to me unless they need something or unless they have a question or need to know somethin’ from me.

wow. my life is sad..

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BOOTCAMP, here he comes.. 

Beary is now on his way with his SSgt. to the San Jose airport which will take him to San Diego. Upon arriving, a bus will then take him to MCRD with many other recruits and then, will start their journey through Boot camp. And here, is where he starts his 3 month training and I start the 3 months of waiting. <3

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oohh myyy! 

the day is approaching very quickly..

BEARY is leaving for bootcamp on Sunday(23) and arriving on Monday(24).

one week left of phone calls and video chatting.

then its the start of letters (hopefully weekly) if we’re lucky.

gaah, anyone wanna advise me on what else i should expect or not expect? it would be a great help..



yeay yeay yeay!!

and then when he goes back home, after 2 or 3 weeks, he leaves for bootcamp:/

i sure am gunna do my best so that we have a super duper great time..

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i wanna wear something like this for Halloween!

i wanna wear something like this for Halloween!

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They had never met, you know. One of the most famous kisses, and it was a whim, spur of the moment.


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Does anyone else want to be added to the military s/o list? Reblog this for you’re followers. Any one who I am not following that reblogs this will be followed by my military blog =) 


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SO’s, it’s official! Deployments after January 1st, 2012 are only going to be for 9 months! 


Literally the BEST thing I’ve heard all day. 9 months, we can do this baby <3

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These are two of my favorite things.

awee. this is exactly why i am now reading “From Baghdad, with Love”

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I love everything about this picture.


I love everything about this picture.

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